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Eclectic Parisian Apartment Blends Casual Living With Understated Glamour

Eclectic, sophisticated, and vibrant are just a few words that come to mind when I take in the Parisian apartment designed by and home to Samantha Hauvette, who co-founded architecture firm Hauvette-Madani with her longtime friend, Lucas Madani. She aimed to create a space that reflected their firms’ signature style, providing an opportunity to show off their taste and aesthetic, and consequently receiving clients in what has become a home doubling as a showroom.

Creamy walls, vibrant tones, and jewel colored furniture combine to create a layered palette that carries the eye from room to room. The home is meticulously curated to display a collection of sculptural objects neighboring carefully placed artwork. Hauvette residence exudes Parisian charm and is a stunning example of timeless yet eclectic design. Scroll down and take in the eye candy!

warm dining room with arch walls and mirror wall sconces

A series of arches lend to an open space feel and upon closer examination, you’ll find the two narrow arches add an interactive element with rotating mirrors. Light bounces off of mirrors and sun-shaped sconces, helping to create an airy environment.

parisian apartment with pink cozy lounge sofa with orange painted wall in living room

I love how seamlessly the peachy-pink sofa, orange paint, and wood floors blend together to create a soft and warm seating area.

rich yellow low lounge chairs and black leather chaise lounge in parisian apartment

Mosaic artwork and timeless zellige tile provide a charming contrast to the streamlined chaise and sculptural lounge chairs.

An assortment of decorative objects, unique artwork and lighting fixtures work harmoniously together for an eclectic yet cohesive Parisian apartment design.

eclectic parisian and vintage dining room design
eclectic parisian apartment with green velvet sofa

Who else loves the super-sized table lamps and floral tapestry? They are just a few of the many design elements composing this comfortable and memorable home in a corner of Paris.

Photography: Cerruti Draime


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