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Interior Design Trends That Will Reign In 2022

Interior design trends are now before us and ringing in 2022. Especially after 2021, which had a whole set of challenges for us as a country and for the world, I’m eager for a new year and along with it, new designs. COVID rocked our world and impacted our daily lives, from shifts in work lifestyle to supply chain shortages. As a result, the interior design industry saw major changes in people’s values and priorities when it came to their homes. With unpredictable home decor supplies, a desire for quality and long-lasting furnishings emerged in the form of vintage pieces and durable, natural materials. With an increase in remote…everything, the need for multi-functional rooms and relaxing surroundings became a must-have. I love how flexible, innovative, and transformative design can be and the set of challenges we faced resulted in beautiful design and enjoyable living. Keep reading to see 2022’s interior design trends along with stunning examples for inspiration.

Vintage Elements

The recent supply shortages have been a reality check for many of us. Whether we’re waiting for a roomful of furniture or a simple table lamp, we have to decide if it’s all worth the time and trouble. That’s where vintage comes in to save the day. Vintage pieces are timeless and a refreshing alternative to decor that may otherwise appear banal or found in every other home on the block. As people also become increasingly conscious of the environment, buying vintage is a sustainable way to fill your home and takes a step away from the consumerism prevalent in our culture. The hunt for the perfect furniture or accessory piece is definitely part of the fun, but finally catching that gem feels even better. Vintage articles add character and have wonderful stories to tell. You can be proud to say that your unique find is truly one of a kind.

vintage wood curved accent chair and white fireplace
design by Anthology Creatives
vintage furniture lounge room with leather sofa and fur pillows

Neutrals Are Here To Stay

From grey hues to ivory tones and everything in between, neutrals have dominated design palettes throughout 2021. Neutral colors and materials are timeless, simple, and elegant and it’s no surprise that they aren’t going anywhere in 2022. As many people have transitioned to working remotely, some even permanently, the environment at home has never been more important. With more time indoors, the desire for a calm and relaxing atmosphere has increased and neutrals are a perfect solution. These mellow hues are easy on the eyes, seamlessly match, and can combine to create rich layers of texture and pattern. Linen, wood, rattan, plaster, and travertine stone are just some examples of the variety of neutrals available and their versatility.

warm and cozy bedroom with green headboard and cane bench
design by Studio Life/Style

Textured And Earthy Materials

The great outdoors are moving in, and earthy, tactile materials are coming with them. The new year will see homes graced with textured and earthy materials like wood, leather, and limewash. Paired with the increased popularity of living plants in the home, decor constructed with natural materials help blur the lines between indoors and outdoors. Organic materials carry an authenticity and purity that other materials can’t imitate. The quality, durability, and beauty of raw materials is undeniable, and will certainly make their presence known in 2022.

natural palette bedroom with wood wall headboard
design by Sarah Sherman Samuel

Multi-functional Spaces

More activities are now based from home. Exercising, studying, and working have all joined the list of activities like cooking, sleeping, and lounging. A need for both privacy and practicality will drive the push for multi-functional spaces in 2022. Kitchens will double as an office, and guest rooms will transform into a home gym. Finding unique and thoughtful ways to accomplish this will be the next frontier of residential design.

multi-purpose kitchen interior design trends
design by Clive Wilkinson
modern scandinavian living room with warm wood
design by Warc Studio

Connection To Nature

Biophilic means “love of life, or living things.” As humans, we instinctively yearn for connection to nature so it’s no surprise that biophilic design is one of the major interior design trends in 2022. Natural lighting, indoor plants, and visual access to the outdoors (whether literally through windows or imaginatively through art and color) are all ways to build a healthy and serene environment. You can expect lush interiors with abundant potted or hanging plants, colors like green and earthy neutrals, and well thought out landscape design.

green architecture kitchen with plants and wood ceiling
design by CHX Arquitetos / photography by Pedro Kok
sage green ribbed breakfast nook banquette
design by Studio Life/Style

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