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Luxurious Laundry Room: Simple Steps To Designing A Sophisticated Space

A luxurious laundry room rarely (if ever) takes priority when designing a home and is often set on the backburner. But if you’re anything like me, a significant chunk of time is spent washing, sorting, and folding clothes every week. And I don’t even have kids! So why not take the extra step to transform a simply utilitarian space into something special? With that said, I’ve gathered ideas that can help elevate that unassuming corner of the house into a sophisticated, functional, and luxurious laundry room.

Consider Functionality

Laundry rooms serve a functional purpose and just like kitchens, should have a layout suited for an intuitive and comfortable workflow. Whether you have the opportunity to customize cabinetry with integrated storage options or require a way to maximize a small space, thinking through your workflow is a vital part of designing a laundry room. Do you need abundant counter space for folding? Are most of your clothes air-dried? How often do you iron? The answers to these questions will help determine the ideal configuration for your laundry room. 

washing machine in light oak cabinets

Add Accent Lighting

Disregarding lighting elements is easy, especially if a majority of design efforts are focused on storage configuration and layout. Yet just a small change can make a big difference. Upgrade downlights to stylish flush mount fixtures or install a unique wall sconce to introduce character and a sculptural element. Utilizing adjustable arm sconces for task lighting is another opportunity to blend form with function. Lastly, something as simple as under-cabinet lights can add a refined touch. 

Use Unexpected Materials

Finish materials offer an opportunity to flaunt that “wow” factor in a laundry room, transforming a mundane space into something special, fresh, and unexpected. Explore using textured and tactile materials like cane or tambour in lieu of standard flat panel cabinetry. Expand your choices of countertop and backsplash materials to include finishes like chunky terrazzo, smooth concrete, or quartz with a dramatic pattern. 

warm cane textured cabinets and jute rug
white oak and cane laundry room cabinets and white walls

What If I Don’t Have A Laundry Room?

Not all homes have a designated laundry room, in which case appliances may be visible from public areas. Installing sliding doors is a tasteful solution for veiling a bulky washer and dryer and if space allows, standard or folding doors work just as well. Take the design a step further and use wood slats or fluted glass for an unexpected architectural detail.

wood screen sliding doors hiding washer and dryer

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