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Painting With Color? Here Are 5 Unique Ideas for a Room that Wows

Paint color ideas are hard to choose from, and committing to a color is always a little scary. What if it’s too dark, or too bright, or looks tacky? After much deliberation, painting white from wall to ceiling seems to be the safest route. Not that there’s anything wrong with a timeless white backdrop, but there’s something exciting and surprising about color. It exudes a sort of confidence because it takes confidence!

Any color besides neutral requires extra planning and thought. From art and furniture to floors and existing finishes, it all needs to live harmoniously with your paint color. Once all this has been thoroughly mulled over, you can finally get going! The results will be well worth it and the examples below prove it. Scroll down to get inspired by different paint color ideas that are sure to enhance your home.

Paint Trim and Molding

If you would like to add color variety without going all in, painting trim or molding adds a charming touch to a home. Use a soft, muted color to create a subtle palette or brush on rich, bold paint for a more distinctive look.

navy door trim and kitchen cabinets with vintage painting
design by House 1924
Deep blue molding beautifully frames matching kitchen cabinets. The framed portrait and rug carry hints of the same blue tone for a cohesive palette.
hunter green paint color mud room with window
design by House 1924
The brilliant emerald color in this mudroom helps form a solid backdrop for the variety of coats, bags, and what-have-yous. The shift from green to white paint visually separates the storage and hanging space from the shelf where art and plants are displayed.
burgundy wainscot in hallway with caramel sofa
design by Quintana Partners
The warm, rusty orange contrasts nicely with the crisp white walls.

Liven Up Your Doors

Colorful entry doors are nothing new, but they should not be forgotten! They can be loud and proud or subdued and sophisticated. Either way, colorful doors will transform the home inside and out.

bright yellow entry door paint color ideas
via Palm Springs Style
vibrant bright orange paint color door and light airy room
via Ashlee Piper
dark green front door and black wood chair
via Rejuvenation
bright yellow front door and outdoor arm sconce
via Rejuvenation

Paint the Ceiling Too

Ceilings are often neglected and usually default to being painted a typical flat white. Other options are out there! One of which is to simply carry the same color wall paint up to the ceiling. There is a nice continuity to this method and draws your eyes upward (perfect for high ceilings).

canary yellow paint color ideas with potted tree
photography by Lina Ostling
Paired with neutral furniture, the unexpected canary yellow paint is the real star of the room.
navy blue room with herringbone hardwood floors
deep orange painted room with black door trim and leopard rug
design by Emiliano Salci / via Elle Decor
The bright orange wall to ceiling paint perfectly captures an eclectic vibe.

Go Monochromatic

When executed carefully, a monochromatic room can look stunning and carry a real presence in a home.Once you have a color in mind, paint is your best friend in bringing it all together. This manner of painting requires the most coordination with furniture, rugs, and accessories to ensure each tone pairs seamlessly with the other. Once the overall palette is complete, add small hints of contrasting color through accessories or art to add a little bit of tension.

terracotta plaster walls in moroccan boho style house
all blue paint color room with surfer photograph
photography by Jason Frank Rothenberg
blush paint color in feminine bedroom and fringe throw pillow
photography by Pippa Drummond / via Sight Unseen

Use Paint to Highlight Built-In Elements

Painting architectural or built-in elements can draw attention or serve as a focal point in a room. Applying color to a brick fireplace, for example, adds life and character to an otherwise commonplace fixture. Bookshelves, wall niches, beams, and columns all provide an opportunity to introduce color in a unique way.

blue painted brick fireplace next to white bookshelves and map framed art
design by Casa Design/Remodeling
red built in bookshelf with painting, artwork, and table lamp
via Cote Maison
A deep burgundy paint transforms an otherwise ordinary bookshelf to an eye-catching art display.
mustard yellow color paint arch niche with pottery and vases
design by Elodie Cottin / photography by Billie Blanket
This shelving niche is a lovely illustration of how color can serve as a backdrop for objects and accessories.
deep blush color wall niche behind desk and chair
design by Elodie Cottin / photography by Billie Blanket
Color can be used to distinguish space and function like this adobe red niche seating area.

Whether you are planning a full on paint job or simply want to add a little color to your home, I hope these paint color ideas help get you started. Leave a comment down below if you have any inspiration or tips you would like to share!


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