Design, Tours / September 7, 2021

Tour: Terracotta Tones and Ocean Views Embody the Mediterranean Spirit

With fall around the corner, I’m eager to soak up the last of the summer season as much as possible. I was unable to travel this year, so I’m living vicariously through photos of these spectacular holiday apartments designed by TEd’A arquitectes. Rooms full of vibrant, sunkissed clay whisk me away to the sunny Mediterranean coast of Mallorca, Spain. 
What’s so captivating about the architecture and interior is its simplicity. The commitment to use clay and brick as the primary building materials envelops you in a world of warmth and ease. Unglazed tile and wood casework bring a handmade and tactile element that often gets lost in modern design. Terracotta tones contrast beautifully against the blue, ocean backdrop. After enjoying a day by the sea, retreating to the Can Picafort apartments is definitely on my bucket list.

Design by: TEd’A arquitectes
Photography by: Luis Diaz Diaz

terracotta tones in warm living room
Rugged concrete columns,edges of raw brick, and tiled floors bring rich layers of texture. By alternating glazed and unglazed floor tiles, a variety of rusty tones emerge, creating a dynamic pattern.
warm summer room with ocean view
The room glows and is rich with caramel, honey, and terracotta tones
clay perforated brick stairs
Bricks rotated in various positions reveal unexpected patterns in an otherwise commonplace material.
glossy orange kitchen subway tile
I love how the glossy, saturated subway tiles contrast with the neighboring muted tones. Those geometric patterns on the wall are actually edges of a type of brick called termoarcilla. Who knew?!
red striped outdoor chair
ocean rooftop view
The designers certainly did not hold back on the tile patterns. You would think it would be overkill, but nope! They fully embraced their concept and the result is beautiful.
wood tall door and console

Building with traditional materials such as brick and mortar takes time, but Can Picafort proves that it’s worth it. The seaside apartments are a model of craftsmanship, creative use of basic materials, and timeless design. You’ll find me here on my next vacation!


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