Design / October 28, 2021

Unique Bathroom Designs That Bring a Touch of Texture

Textures and tactile materials can transform a mediocre bathroom into a dynamic and dimensional one. With all their hard tile and smooth countertop surfaces, your average bathroom tends to feel cold and flat. But considering elements that carry texture will bring in rich layers and variety. Materials like wood, cane, and rattan introduce warmth and tactility while rough stones, sculptural tiles, and mosaic add structure. Towels, rugs, baskets, and any other finishing touches pull everything together into one lively palette. Whether you’re planning to vamp up your bathroom or simply want a dose of inspiration, keep scrolling to explore unique bathroom designs that prove texture changes everything.

Wood + Cane

rustic wood vanity with white vessel sink and pottery

top left: LD Shoppe / top right: Homes to Love / bottom left: Esteta / bottom right: Just In Place

unique bathroom designs with cane casework and creamy white walls

Rough Stone + Ceramic Sinks

chunky travertine bathroom sink countertop
rugged stone bathroom countertop and wood vanity base

left: Leyer Design Studio / right: abi interiors

Bathroom vanities are a great place to start when incorporating texture. Natural wood will do the trick and for even more oomph, you can use cane doors or add tambour trim to the body. Durable linen fabric or seagrass wallcovering can also wrap vanity doors and drawers, offering a subtle and soft contrast to wood. Rather than installing a smooth quartz countertop, explore more rugged options like concrete or travertine. Lastly, vessel sinks can be a way to show off texture, like the nude ceramic ones above.

Tiny Tiles

checkerboard mosaic creamy tile in unique bathroom designs

left: Lande Architects / right: Eve Wilson

white penny round tile with black grout in modern shower

left: abi interiors / right: wayfair

Sculptural Moments

top row, left to right: Cle Tile , Cle Tile , Clay Imports / bottom left: design by Claire Zinnecker / bottom right: Clay Imports

While standard subway tile is a tried and true option, there are an abundance of sculptural tiles and mosaics that contribute to unique bathroom designs. Carved patterns can appear in small moments or span an entire wall in one dramatic sweep. Something as small as penny rounds, when installed from floor to ceiling, work together to create a fantastic wash of texture. I always find myself gliding my hands over mosaics, which shows just how tactile they are. Last but not least, accessories are the last layer of texture. Have fun with different linens, rugs, baskets, pottery, mirror frames, plants, and even lighting fixtures. Possibilities are endless, so have fun!

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